Holiday gift ideas that make your dentist happy :)

December 16th, 2023

Need help with last minute holiday shopping? Here are a few of Dr. Norman and Dr. Cat's favorites! :)

1) Children's toothbrushes - You can make brushing fun by having your child choose a toothbrush with their favorite character! Our Drs. daughter LOVES Bluey, so what better toothbrush to choose? Make sure that toothbrushes are age appropriate with soft or extrasoft bristles and don't forget fluoridated or hydroxyapatite toothpaste!

2) Electric toothbrushes - For those children old enough for electric toothbrushes, having your child pick their favorite character or color brush will make brushing so much more exciting! You can also get a brush that is associated with a phone app or timer to make sure your child brushes for the full 2 minutes (always make sure brushing is supervised in younger children!) 

3) Biodegradable and plastic-free floss picks - We find that floss picks make flossing super easy for parents and kids! We favor environmentally friendly floss options!

4) For our youngest children - our favorite "brush" is the banana! It works as a great teether, it can help sooth gums, and is safe for infants to hold on their own (the protective handles prevent children from pushing the whole brush in their mouth). This is a great introduction to brushing even before teeth come in the mouth!

5) And of course - we can't forget our favorite toy options! For children who are nervous of going to the dentist, these dentist playsets help familiarize children with the dental setting, making going to the dentist a less scary place!

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

*Disclaimer: We do not endorse, sponsor, or have any financial obligation to any of the products shown in this post.

What are some teeth-friendly holiday treats?

December 24th, 2021

Happy Holidays!! In this season of sweet treats, we wanted to give you some teeth-friendly treat options for the whole family! These super easy recipes can be made into a fun activity to do with your little one.

Reindeer Celery

  1. Cut celery sticks into child-size pieces
  2. Fill with your child's favorite nut butter (or alternative butter if your child is allergic to nuts)
  3. Place pretzels for the antlers
  4. Add googly eyes and red M&M to finish the face!

Grinch Fruit Kabobs

  1. Skewer one green grape, then one slice of banana, then one whole strawberry, then one tiny marshmellow onto a wooden skewer!

All of these recipes are super simple to do! You can customize the ingredients to your child's taste as well.

We wish you and your family the happiest of holidays!

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