"We Don't Talk About Bruno" (dental edition)

June 13th, 2022

We understand that many parents want to prepare their child for the dentist, especially when it comes to visits when their child is getting a cavity fixed.  To help you help your child better, here are a few tips!

1) Avoid any trigger words such as "hurt", "sharp" or "pain". When we use these words, your child may come to expect that something may hurt them during the visit.

2) We especially do not want to use the word "shots" or "needles" because we don't want your child to associate the numbing medication we give with the vaccinations they receive at their medical doctor. We call our dental syringe that we use to give the numbing medication  "Bruno" - we know it may be an uncomfortable experience for your child, but as pediatric dentists, we have many techniques to distract your child that they may not know they are being numbed! So remember - "we don't talk about Bruno!"

3) Pediatric dentists are masters of distraction - we use stories and games with your child during their visit to make them feel comfortable! We use less "scary" words for different instruments to make sure that your child isn't scared of anything we use. We don't hide anything from your child, we just reframe how they see something new so that they aren't afraid!

4) We understand that parents may have their own personal dental experiences in the past that may have been difficult. We want to avoid these same difficult experiences for your child. The most important thing to remember is that we are here to help you and your family, we want to build that trusting relationship! Don't forget to remind your child that their dentist is here to help them, not harm them!

These are just a few helpful tips to make the dental experience easier, but every child is different, so we are here to work with you and your family to make your experience at the dentist the best it could be!

What can be done in dentistry to help the earth?

April 21st, 2022

Earth Day is tomorrow so we wanted to give you some dental tips to help the Earth!

  1. Use a reusuable flosser - using individual plastic floss picks can add a lot of waste to the Earth. By using a reusuable flosser, you reuse the plastic handle and only change out the floss portion after each use!
  2. Drink tap or filtered water - this reduces the amount of water bottles that are being used! Remember that water is the best drink we can have for our teeth!
  3. Turn off the faucet while you brush to conserve water - you save a lot of water by turning off the faucet for the whole two minutes that you brush!

What are you doing at home to be more earth-friendly?

Let's all work together to keep our Earth healthy!

Why do I need to floss my child's teeth?

March 11th, 2022

Why is flossing so important? We hear this all the time! Did you know that baby teeth are supposed to have space in between them? As your child grows, their teeth start to move closer together and touch tightly! When this happens, it’s important to start flossing. But why?

  • Toothbrushes can’t clean in between teeth
  • Food tends to get stuck between teeth when we eat and will stay there for a long time if not taken out, leading to cavities!
  • Floss helps remove food, keeps the inner surfaces of our teeth clean, and prevent cavities!

It’s never too early to start flossing! (And we don’t only mean the fortnite dance :D)

How can parents help prevent cavities for their children?

February 28th, 2022

Parents really want to make sure that their children don't get cavities, but how do they help prevent the cavities?

  1. Have your child's first dental visit before the age of 1. This allows your child to have an established dental home to ensure they have the proper care.
  2. Take your child to the dentist regularly! We recommend taking your child to the dentist at least twice a year.
  3. Help your child brush 2x/day, 2 minutes each time.
  4. Give your child a balanced diet full of low-sugary foods.

We always want to do everything we can to prevent cavities and keep your child's smiles bright!

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