As the weather warms up and gets sunny ☀️, children are outside more participating in sports and recreational activities ?‍♂️

As pediatric dentists, we highly promote the use of facial protection, such as mouth guards and helmets. But why may you ask?

There is a high chance of injury to your child's teeth and mouth during participation in sports and recreational activities! As dentists, we work hard to help families prevent these injuries as best as we can.

But of course, dental injuries unfortunately do happen quite often. If your child ever has an injury to their mouth, please contact to our child's dentist ASAP! We take dental injury emergencies very seriously and some injuries may be time sensitive to take care of.

A great resource that families can use is a phone app called ToothSOS (Disclaimer: we have no financial obligations to this application, it is just a great resource!). Families can easily pull up what injury their child has and follow the instructions on the app until they can reach their dentist.

Have fun and stay safe in the sun! ☀️ Don't forget to have your children wear mouthguards and helmets!!

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