Now that school has started, many parents may wonder what type of snacks they should pack for their child that are still healthy for their teeth. We're here to help!

Here are some guidelines to help choose the best types of snacks for your child:

  1. Foods with crunchy textures: foods such as celery or carrots help to give your child's teeth an extra brush. These foods don't stick to your child's teeth! Avoid foods like chips or cookies (even though they are also crunchy) since after your child chews these foods, they become sticky and stick to teeth!
  2. Foods rich in calcium: foods such as cheese sticks, yogurt, and milk are rich in calcium, which helps build strong teeth!
  3. Low sugary foods: it's better to give fresh fruits as a sweet treat so that your child doesn't get extra sugar in their diet. This reduces their chance of getting cavities!

Regardless of what your child eats, don't forget to have them brush two times a day for at least two minutes each time. Remember that the magic number is 2!

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