We hear these words from parents so commonly! Whether your child has had a previous traumatic dental experience, or your child has special health care needs, we understand that visiting the dentist may not be easy! This is where our office is here to help!

We believe in desensitization visits - this is where your child comes to visit the dental office multiple times where we gradually expose them to the dental setting. The more times your child is exposed to something, they become familiar with it, and will end up feeling more comfortable! For example, the more times they are able to get into the dental chair, the more times they are used to us brushing their teeth, the less scary each thing becomes!

We are also here for the little wins and want to take things step by step with your child. We want to take away any pressure of having to complete a "full dental visit." If all your child was able to do at the visit was sit in the dental chair, that is a win for us! Then the next time your child comes, we may be able to use a mirror to count their teeth or may even be able to brush their teeth! We do everything based on your child's comfort level!

At East Valley Children's Dentistry, we offer complimentary office tours for our new patients. This allows your family to get to know us and to become familiar with our environment before your dental visit with us! We also have a photobook that walks through the steps of a dental visit to help prepare your child before their visit. Please don't hesitate to contact our office with any questions you may have, we are here for you!

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