Regional odontodysplasia: A classical case report Malhotra R, Singla S,  Shashikiran N D, Verma A - SRM J Res Dent Sci

In the spirit of Halloween, we wanted to tell you all about something called "Ghost Teeth"! Ghost teeth, or otherwise known as Regional Odontodysplasia, is a tooth condition where the teeth do not develop fully, so the teeth develop a "ghost-like" appearance when seen with x-rays.

  • Regional
    It affects one or several adjacent teeth.
  • Odonto
    This means the condition relates to your teeth.
  • Dysplasia
    Dysplasia refers to the presence of abnormal cells in organs or tissues in your body.

It is called "regional" because it only happens in a certain area of the mouth, usually kept to one side of the mouth. The reason why this condition occurs remains unclear. When this condition occurs, your child's dentist will work closely with you to come up with the best plan to take care of your child's teeth! But most important of all is to keep good oral hygiene no matter what!

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